PODCAST "Film Studies blinb-bling"
My podcast "Film Studies blinb-bling", which I produced from 2020 to 2021, can be found on the Indifilmtalk Podcast page until further notice.    
VIDEO Skizzen (Auswahl)
PolaLog AnaTal #Digiroid 1  [57"]  &  PolaLog AnaTal #Digiroid 2  [49"]    
In the need to counteract digital communication during the Corona crisis, I take Polaroid photos of the digital visits of my friends and family. Through the animation, they appear before me again and again, accompanied by the many communicative disturbances of this time.   
* play 1  * play 2

herbivorous  [43"]    
Herbivorous is a reflection on computer animated female marked bodies and the male gaze.   
* play

Phantom Lipstick Red  [2'48"]    
Film about star magazines of the "Golden Age of Cinema", which put stereotypes, oppression strategies and heteronormative values "into the mouth" of women.   * play

MÄNNERMIT  [27"]    
Found by accident. Man eats heart. The deep waters of a beauty. Revenge in her eyes?   * play

Papas Kino ist tot  [5'47"]    
Mashup that accompanied one of my lectures. It was intended to demonstrate what the later representatives of the New German Cinema found in the media and what they rebelled against.   * play

Reading T.  [1'30"]    
Reading T. is inspired by a specific reading and the author's filmic work.   * play